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Orange Events: an art project
designed & built by Eric Kenneth Malcolm Clark

Welcome to Southland Ensemble's journey through Bengt af Klintberg's Orange Events!


In mid-2021, as the pandemic continued into its second year, we decided that we wanted to embark on a fluxus-themed journey with everyone in Southland Ensemble & invite some friends from around the world to participate with us. As a group, we have upheld the tradition of exploring some form of fluxus art annually (save for 2020), so this was an obvious and exciting choice for us.


Orange Event Number 20 (1963-66) by Bengt af Klintberg was one of the pieces we previously explored in our inaugural fluxus concert in 2015 at ArtShare LA.  Klintberg created a number of Orange Events (which in the fluxus tradition are Event Scores), many of which can be found in the Fluxus Workbook. This time around, we thought it would be interesting and fun to invite artists near and far,  as well as some young artists that we have worked with, to interpret the text scores however they like. There were no specific instructions or guidelines given to the participants, except the realization(s) had to be filmed. It is interesting to note that although the full title is From Twenty-Five Orange Events, there are not twenty-five events (as far as our research could tell, including perusing a copy of Klintberg's The Cursive Scandinavian from 1967). Maybe we will find more in the future, and add them to this page.


 Our heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone who participated, and to you for joining us in this journey.


We very much hope you enjoy all of these Orange Events, and please feel free to explore and share!

with love,

Eric KM Clark & Christine Tavolacci

co-directors, Southland Ensemble

website design and video editing by Eric KM Clark

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Participating Artists


Jennifer Bewerse     Marin Brejcha*     Natalie Brejcha     Tenney Brejcha*     Scott Cazan     Carolyn Chen

Eric KM Clark     Morgan Gerstmar     Devin Maxwell     June Maxwell*     Roscoe Maxwell*

Jahnesa Orozco-Garcia*     James Klopfleisch     Matylda Miller*     Katie Porter     William Roper     Jonathan Stehney     Cassia Streb     Christine Tavolacci     WILMA     Oliver Wright*     Daniel Young*

*denotes young artist      


BIO Bengt af Klintberg






Bio from 1967 Taken from The Cursive Scandinavian

Bengt af Klintberg the Swedish poet and folklorist, was born in Stockholm on Christmas Day 1938, a Sunday. In 1962 he became interested in Happenings and was one of the first to perform them in Sweden, at the Athena Theatre in Stockholm. Later the same year he met the Fluxus group in Copenhagen and contributed, in 1963, to Flux-Concerts in Dusseldorf and Stockholm. The same year he composed his "Orangerimusik 1963" for such instruments as buckets, wooden boxes, lettuce and carbonic-acid snow tube. In April 1965 he exhibited ice in a forest, and in December he contributed a Christmas Calendar to POEX 65 at Copenhagen. During the Autumn his play "Lidner" (later awarded as the best private theatre play of the year) was shown at the Pistol Theatre in Stockholm. Since 1963 he has performed events in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and other Scandinavian cities, and since 1964 he also has produced folklore programs for the Swedish Radio. Together with his wife Katarina and son Dan he lives in a big red wooden house, surrounded by the forests and fields that appear in these events, and are situated by a lake 30 kilometers from Stockholm. The closeness of the relationship between Bengt af Klintberg's events and the Swedish folklore which is his chosen field of professional study is highlighted by the two extracts, printed at his suggestion on pages 8 and 9, from works on folklore, the first extract from a book of magic formulas and processes published by af Klintberg himself, the second from a famous collection of Swedish folk riddles.


Modern Bio Taken from Wikipedia

Bengt af Klintberg (Bengt Knut Erik af Klintberg) (b. 25 December 1938 in Stockholm) is a Swedish folklorist, ethnologist, and artist who is known for his work on modern urban legends. His work reached a large audience with such books as Råttan i pizzan (The Rat in the Pizza), published in 1986, and Den stulna njuren (The Stolen Kidney) published in 1994. Klintberg is so widely known for his work on urban legends that the common Swedish word for urban legend for a while was the eponymous "klintbergare" ("klintbergers"). 


Klintberg was co-host of Folkminnen (Folk Memories), a long-running radio show on Swedish national public radio channel P1, together with Christina Mattsson, at that time the director of the Nordic Museum. The program invited listeners to write letters describing local legends, games, customs or other folklore traditions, as well as encouraging them to ask questions about their origin or significance. After 750 weekly installations, the last broadcast of the program aired in January 2005.

Text Scores

Text Scores + YouTube Videos
We hope you enjoy checking out each Orange Event score and corresponding video(s).
If you want to make the video fullscreen, please make sure all of the videos from the
TOP multiverse section are paused as the audio will overlap.
You can also choose to press the YouTube button to open the video in a new window once it is playing.

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